What a fantastic experience! For me, being able to use the puppet as a communication tool, as well as all the sensory elements has been a wonderful opportunity for my own professional development in working with a team of multi disciplined artists, setting up a new sensory theatre company and developing experience with PMLD early years children, carers and parents.Magic moments came during the performance when the children we had formed a relationship with, over the residency shone with the confidence and clarity of attention, tuning into all aspects with comforting assurance and repetition . Having worked quite closely with Harrison, and able to uniquely tune into him being Roosters best friend, what wonderful synchronicity when he typed out how he was the characters best mate! in a thank you letter after the show! I think this is the strength and the magic with this work, the embedding and the relationships made before the event. Thanks you so much to everyone involved!
10/4/2012 03:11:46 pm

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