Yesterday Francis and I spent some of the day preparing for the sessions next week which will be focussed on the character of Goat. Next Monday I will be working with Rachel. The first session will be "drama"  with Bluegum & Banksia. After today's experience of combining the two classes for the bulb planting session we have decided it would be better to separate them. I will work with Room 2 and Rachel can work with Blue gum. Yesterday I made 3 rudimentary goat tunics, 1 goat wrap and 7 goatee beards for the children to wear to help them to feel the character of goat. Rachel and I will give them a test run Monday morning and see how they go. It's great that Bec was able to record the three animal songs as this music seems to be such a successful way of engaging. Franky and I also had a freakout about whether we had actually over-prepared the make and do session for goat - perhaps not allowing enough input for the children. We discussed this with Rachel and Rebecca(from Carson St). Rachel suggested we treat each of the elements like a sensory experience in themselves. That is have a tub of pop sticks (they can choose the color), a tub of different colored wools  (they choose how much, what color, where to stick). A tub of the furry pipe cleaners (they choose what color, how many) this will re-introduce the element of choice.

Bulb planting today with Bluegum and Room 2 combined, Belmay, and Banksia. The combined session this morning in Bluegum was great. Very dynamic with the music. The number of children involved did make it challenging. Felt like we were thrashing the songs to get around to every child with the sensory experience. The children did seem really engaged. Belmay class was a hoot. Allowed them much more control over the planting process. This afternoon Banksia littlies will be a different experience again. We will probably have to tone down the music to not overwhelm them.
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