Finally, you can listen to the animal motif songs!
Just follow these links (or cut and paste into your browser).....

Rooster's song:
Goat's song:
Donkey's song:
I spent Tuesday recording the animal theme songs with my friend Dave Robertson, who did an absolutely outstanding job in the production department.  I began each song with laying down a simple guitar track, then adding a more intricate guitar picking on top, these two tracks are panned hard left and right, meaning if you hear it through a system with two speakers it will sound like you are in the middle of two guitarists- a nice effect!  Then we put down a the vocal track, (you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get my donkey impersonation right!) Then a small percussion track, either egg shakers, or a little cricket, followed by a djembe track, and these were also panned left and rightso again you feel like your in the middle of the instruments.  It also helps with the sound quality, so all the vibrations don’t have to come out of the one speaker, reducing the risk of distortion.  Gee.  I learnt heaps in this session!  Each animal has its own instrument sound (rooster- rattle, Goat- cabasa, Donkey- whirlygig (I made that up because I don’t know its official name)) so I added in little flourishes of their personal sound effects. Lastly, a good friend of mine, and a wonderful musician, Tore Pederson, added some bass to give the songs a full and complete feeling.  Then Dave compressed it, edited it and mixed it, and VOILA!!! Here they are for your listening pleasure....
Or at least they

I designed them specifically for the children to listen to in Class to familiarize them with the songs before hearing them live in the show.  Ideally there are actions that accompany them, which could be taught by the teachers prior also, to enhance the students recognition and participation in the show!  They have now been distributed to the teachers….I cant wait to find out how the kids respond to the recordings.  I hope the teachers play the songs regularly and give feedback on how they respond!!!