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Was wondering how it would be after the holidays, whether the gap would mean we would have to go through the familiarisation process again. Today we were meeting Rooster, singing his song and then each student was to make their own rooster. Had a great session with Bluegum first up this morning. Only 4 students in - but they all had a ball making their very own rooster, singing the song and getting the little rooster to meet the big rooster...Franky's design was very clever, and the pre-preparation made the difference in making the end result achievable and very effective.The session with Sarah's class also went well. A couple of the students were having not so good days and they were quite vocal in their expression so it was important to focus on all the students that were engaged and happy with the activity. Sarah made the comment that Harrison has become progressively more comfortable and happy to meet the animal characters. Even though the tactile nature of the feathers was not so comfortable for him - he still seemed to enjoy making his own rooster. Kate was very proud of her rooster and gave us a big smile!!!!! We had a quick business meeting with Ros Hamling at lunchtime to catch up on where we were at and also talk about who we should invite to the final performances. One of the things we expressed to Ros is that we are surprised at how quickly the residency has gone and that actually we feel in following the format of breaking down the show and exploring each element through interactive make and do and drama - it hasn't left us any time to do any more experimental, open ended stuff. I think I thought when we first started the residency that there would be more of that. But actually everything has felt quite tightly timetabled and structured. Hmmmmmm. Makes me wonder if our final show will change very much or whether it will be the children's experience of the show that will change more.....The activity specific Aided Language Display (ALD) was most hopeful in all three classes today. This will be a very important part of our pre-show resource package - and I guess we will have to sort the intellectual property issue - as these have all been created by Anne Gray in the Library so far. Final class with Deanne's mob was fun. We finished the roosters in time to actually manipulate the marots while acting out Rooster's song. The children seemed to particularly enjoy their "Little" rooster meeting the big rooster. After the session finished Jayden went straight away to the 2D copy of the Jub Jub Tree Story. 

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