What a wonderful day, back in school seeing and playing with the Carson St kids again and working with Francis!
We really had a lot of fun, students and teachers really engaged and laughed alot! Working in Alicia's Bluegum class first, it was rewardin g to see how the Donkey music, percussion instrument, and the puppet itself calmed Dawn and then she was completely happy playing with the fur fabrics and materials. Noah and Robbie really articulated about their choice of colours in fun fur and pipe cleaners to make donkey ears and tails.
In Room 2 with Sarah & Annas classes, Donkey repeated saying hello to each child and we used the special aided language display for Donkey which Anne had once again usefully prepared. This is a great addition and provideds so much more communication at their level, I also am feeling really more confident using the childrens books.especially for making choices about which colours, or talking about the animals. Harry wanted to get up and dance almost immediately, with the percussion sound and Samuel really liked wearing and making his ears. They all looked in the mirror to see the results.
With Deannes class in the afternoon, the group enjoyed wearing what theyd made, swinging their tails, wearing donkey ears and saying 'EE HAW!'
Had time with Francis to give some thought to production planning, as show time isnt faraway! After school picked up the new turf flooring and tent structure, which will make the Jub Jub Tree performan. be an even more immersive experience for the Jub Jub Tree.

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