Another exciting day, getting hands on again with the amazing ALD Jub Jub tree book specially made by Anne, for every class to have a copy and read whenever they like. Myself and Rebecca spent the day telling the story with music and the puppet characters to Room 2, Banksia and Room 5. It was a great experience to be able to tell the story using the visual aid of the book , and its a good practical introduction to the story again. Playing to very  small groups of children is most effective and we are able to adjust in the moment to individual childs responses.During the course of the day, we edited down the story to what worked with the immediate storytelling and also developing the songs, and sound effects. Its necessary to have a clear, bold, concise voice when communicating  , with lots of direct focus, the children were amazing in their responses.
Here the video of our first storytelling session with class 2 meeting the characters.....
28/6/2011 01:39:05 pm

We ahd some great feedback from a Vision Visiting Teacher and a polytech lecturer who have been into classes where the artists are working with students. Both commented on how involved the students were with the activity. Both thought the learning experience was meaningful for EVERY student. This is what it's all about!


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