the artist team - from left to right - Michelle Hovane, Rachel Riggs, Francis Italiano, Rebecca Bradley - Monday 22 Aug, 2011
What an amazing exhilirating and inspiring week of performing the show with the kids! I'm still reeling from the buzz while processing all the incredible interactions that we had with each audience over the different performances... Still pretty speechless, actually. Overall, many delighted young people. Lots of great photos of happy engaged kids to post yet! And much more to tell... 
29/8/2011 01:51:31 pm

I was going Eee-orr! I liked it when the rooster was going Cockadoodldoo. I liked all the characters. I liked touching the hot packs. It was so much fun. - DAKOTA

29/8/2011 01:59:24 pm

Donkey is lazy and silly. Rooster is busy and bossy. I liked the fruit and marshmellows.

29/8/2011 02:16:32 pm

I liked playing with Goat. I liked the forest, it was WOW! And Donkey did a burp. It was so funny, I was laughing my pants off.

29/8/2011 02:28:33 pm

I liked the Rooster, Goat. I like the rain and marshmellows.

29/8/2011 02:43:48 pm

I liked making the noise of the donkey. I liked the food. I liked the hot pack. I liked the instruments. I liked the celebration and the food.

29/8/2011 02:45:12 pm

I loved when they gave us the green glitter. I loved that. I loved touching and feeling.

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