Much planning today with Francis, regarding how the pre school resource kit , and sensory book bag kit will work. Have discussed and decided at the artists meetings how we can break down the activities planned and laid out on the artist mind map. Having got more resources in, and ideas strengthening as we get to know the school  and how we can make this theatre work more for these children. The programme plan has evolved into using the sensory walk as a n opportunity to get to know everyone, children and adults within the school, sharing a common experience. Then the 2D storybooks being presented to each class with the puppet characters, in a storytelling session, then the week after each class having their own special Jub Jub Tree bulb in a decorated pot, presented with live music and reinforcing the symbolic gift we as artists asre bringing and the experience we are all creating together.
The elements of the pre school resource kit seem to be coming together very strongly, with ideas of costume elements for each character for children to roleplay with eg. feather boa for rooster, donkey ears etc. Also simple tactile wooden/cloth  puppets which symbolise each character, for hands on experience, sight impaired children. Even a mini pop up Jub Jub Tree! Therefore there is a progression from the images in the  book through costume/small  puppets to lifesize show for the children. there is also the potential within the kits for puppet play, role play and sensory storytelling pre show visit and post.
The afternoon was spent trying to work out  the Sensory Book Bag version of the story, while we stripped the story down to the essentials, and have had time exploring the Book bag stories which already exsist in the library. It seems deceptively simple, but is actually difficult sometimes to find the correct sensory object or material for abstract , emotional or elemental concepts.How for example is 'cold winter' realised? plastic icicles and an ice pack?? Really ointeresting dilemmas of symbolic presentation and meaning.
Had a lovely time observing storytelling with Sarah and Class 2. The teacher reads The Three Little Pigs and shows the book closely to the children, asking them to reveal the hidden pictures behind the flaps. Then the goodbye song to finish the day.

Terry keesing
26/6/2011 12:09:39 pm

Looking good!


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