Yesterday, the artists worked all together to deliver a special gift to each class. Playing music, and singing the songs from the show, we arrived at each classroom, with the puppet characters, re introducing them with their own unique songs and rhythms, Rebecca has now recorded these in a high quality production studio so a cd of them can potentially be included in the school kit! very exciting. The music and the singing really carries the story and the activity. A combination of a flexible structure and a bit of improv, helped us to engage Room 2's class, who I think are getting to know and enjoy the characters now. The older Belmay kids certainly remember elements of the Jub Jub Tree story, and really engaged in the planting.Remebering with repetition and rhythm, the children are feeling more secure I hope in who we are and the process we are going on. Looking forward to Drama role play next Monday with the great Goat costumes made.....have also been chatting to Amber who very much wishes she was with us and misses everyone at Carson St.

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