In the weeeee hours of Saturday morning, I took a flight to Bali, where I will spend the next 4 weeks for educational purposes.  As I sat in my seat in a sleep deprivation induced delerium I had a realization.  . The lights were on, the stewards were serving drinks and snacks, the plane hummed loudly. At 3 in the morning, I felt highly sensitive to all these sounds, I was agitated and uneasy.  So I put some ear plugs in, and all sound became muffled, I could really only hear my own breath.  I was filled with a sense of calm, of comfort, and of safety, like I was suddenly being held.  A vision of one boy from room 7 who I often see with protective earmuffs on came to mind.  And I felt like I understood from an experiential level why he wore them, what he might experience when feeling sensitive to sound and the comfort gained from blocking the sound out.  Not only blocking the sound out, but returning to the sound and feeling of your own breath and voice.   It was a nice moment of realization.

 I feel like I struggle to enter the world of these children if I do so from an intellectual or thought/theory based approach.  But experiential learning is a completely different way of getting it.  Oh to be able to put myself in their shoes for a moment.

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