"Bells and Whistles..."
Interesting designer question for sets, props, costumes etc...: So many activities in these kids' school day have some kind of "assistive technology" associated with them - watching a young boy focusing on perspex numbers illuminated on a light-box, it's tempting as a designer to start dreaming up all sorts of bells and whistles for our show... but I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps what might differentiate some of what sensory theatre can bring to these kids' experience is actually the good old-fashioned magic of story-telling/performance/imaginary play - the "human" elements such as puppets and funny voices and silly faces and inanimate objects brought to life? We ARE being inspired by the educators around us but we are also artists - this residency is about learning from them how best to "assist" the kids to have the best theatrical experience they can.  Hmm...

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