Final performances today! First show- FULL POWER!!!  What a party we had!
The difference between the audience of children who new the characters, the songs and the performers , to those who did not, was very tangible.  It is clear to see that long term development of a relationship with the students makes a profound difference to their experience.  The task now is to realise how we can translate that experience and relationship building to future experiences and possible touring of the show?

My wish came true, today i began sitting with the children as they arrived in the space, playing the instruments with them, finding ways to let the sounds engage them into wanting to be present.  Jake and Harry from room 2 had a great time playing my guitar!

I can't find the words to describe what an all over enlightening and moving experience this has been.  Perhaps they will come after a good nights rest!

28/3/2012 02:54:10 pm

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