2-way street...

Ros had advised us at the start of the residency that the first phase would probably involve exploring and creating the different resources we might use to accompany the Jub Jub Tree "experience"". Having set up a home-base of materials in the school's resources room ( Room 3 between Sarah's class and the library) we have been priviledged to have a constant informal exchange of ideas and questions going on between ourselves and the teachers, EA's and therapists who use this space. Everyone has been so generous with their time and expertise and open to our endless interruptions and questions of "How do you think the kids might like...?"etc. etc.
Yvette has created an Aided Learning Display to accompany the Jub Jub Tree and give the kids some basic symbols to use when communicating about the story - vary cool.
Meanwhile Ann and Mim in the library have also been putting up with a constant barage of questions and requests. Ann has accessed hundreds of photos of our earlier development performances at Carson St from last year to illustrate a 2D flip book version of the story based on our script that we've created with her -(we're also interested to see how much association/memory of their earlier experiences of the show will be prompted by seeing themselves in the fotos that accompany the text). Ann has been incredibly patient with our tweaking of the text and gone the extra mile to take new fotos of the puppets and photoshop them into the book We're very excited to be getting more hands-on with the kids this week as we start to use these 2D books with them...
This part of the residency, working alongside the staff to explore all the resource "add-ons" for the show has been really valuable in terms of getting us to think about the "layering"of experiences and learning opportunities we can provide audiences with to enhance their eventual engagement with the actual show. Already the artist team is feeling that ultimately a pre-show resource package for schools could involve a whole plastic tub of 2D and 3D tools of engagement for the kids to be used before and during a pre-show visit from the cast. The synergy of Arts & Education with this element of our practice is very strong. Lots to learn from each other around this stuff..

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