donkeys drum the creeping song
Today a double whammy with the Belmay satellite class. First off catching up on Donkey. The students spent time chatting with Donkey puppet, stroking his furry mane/tail, patting his nose and generally interacting with him. We sang the Donkey's song together "Hee Haw Hee Haw I have met Gracie before" and  "Hee Haw Hee Haw - I have met Dakota before" etc. Then the class made their own ears and tail before acting out Donkey's stealing the leaves in the night scene. "Creepity Creepity Creep - Look Left Look Right Creepity Creepity Creep Look Left Look Right." Mrs Travers commented that she thought our activities were really well designed as she could see that participation and inclusion would be possible for everyone. This made us really happy as Mrs Travers is a very experienced staff member. I was particularly impressed at the level of comitment the students showed to their pretending. Highlight was watching Dakota pretending to be Donkey on all fours and eating the lolly leaf. (brilliant thinking Bec) Feels like Belmay has taken to this drama thing like ducks to water. Hope they get to do more of it......
After a snack break we went into the forest. The staff and artists working together to create a forest soundscape while the students lay on the floor eyes closed. Some students were really transported (eg: Dakota) while others found it more challenging to keep their eyes closed. Students then made some spectacular leaves together which will have pride of place in the upper canopy of our Jub Jub forest. To recap we all put our Donkey ears back on and grabbed instruments moving like Donkey and enjoying the percussion while we sang his song. Felt really uplifted by the session - but then that has been my consistent experience of Belmay.
Rm 2 this afternoon - and our first Forest Make and Do session. We weren't sure after Belmay (where we had to combine the make n do and music session) whether to also use the soundscape as an introduction to the Leaf make n do.....Just spoke with Sarah O'Neill (Rm 2 Teacher) following our session - she suggested that showing pictures and bringing in examples of real leaves could be a good way to start the session (next time)!!!!!!!!!Don't know why we hadn't thought of that - but hey - it's a two way learning process...What I did think worked really well was bringing naughty Donkey in to eat the leaves that the students had made. I guess this is an example of the embedding process growing spontaneously, and what I have realised is that it's good to keep extending this where possible. Looking forward to Forest Music sessions with Bec on Thursday.

Melinda Davies
10/8/2011 05:21:05 pm

What a fantastic time we had with Michelle and Frankie preparing our Donkey masks. All the students in the Satellite Class were thoroughly engaged throughout the session, there were plenty of happy faces and laughter! They were exposed to drama, an awesome craft lesson, they got to use their imagination by listening to a variety of instruments and the best bit being, getting to be Donkey and eating the leaves (lollies) of the Jub Jub tree! What a wonderful experience for all the children.


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