What a full on fantastic day! Barely time to grab a bite to eat, we had most of the schools pupils and the staff of all ages! We were very privleged to have the early learning group and their parents come to visit, exploring all the areas including hot, hard, soft, slimy or wet. The wet area was a big favourite aswell as the soft space. Parents of the pre schoolers really enjoyed the experiential play, and there were very discussions of furthering the positive modelling experience at home. There was little chance to reflect as we went however, it did seem that a basic methodology could flow with the artist modelling to child and adult, then the adult modelling with the child, and the child could then respond, or it could be completely child led, depending on the individual's needs and challenges.It was a fantastic opportunity to meet everyone on a sensory level, with some fabulous education assistants, visitors and teachers joining in. The smiles on everyones faces said it all! Cant wait to see everyones photos.....

Feedback taken immediately that day from children and staff includes-
'It was so cool'
'Its like Christmas...'
'Should of been timetabled, I needed to know what I was doing when, but the activities were fabulous'
'The kids enjoyed it, especially the water'
The different textures, ADL for ech station was good'
'Bit chaotic'
'It was really good, children really participated'