1. Once upon a time there was a forest .....
(make a astro turf piece with textured leaves and vines from it.)
2. Introduce characters...
Rooster - feathers and beak
Goat - Long fur and horns
Donkey - short fur and tail
3.Hungry and cold winter?
4.They planted....
Large seed
5.They watered.....
Mini watering can & irredescent strips or real water
6.After working the animals got tired in the heat.....
Wrap up in a fleecy blanket/ heat pads.
7.That night a big storm came and it rained...
Rainstick percussion instrument
8.The tree began to grow....
Pop up puppet mini Jub Jub Tree to pass around

This is as far as we got,  any ideas on simplifying sensory objects and props to engage with the experiential  storytelling, that can practically fit in a kit would be greatly appreciated.

9. The next day the animals wanted to eat the fruit but the fruit was not ready.

10. Donkey crept out in the night to eat some fruit off the tree.

11.  The next day Rooster and Goat wanted to know who had eaten the fruit.

12.  They asked Donkey if he had eaten the fruit.  When donkey said no, they didn’t believe him.

13.  That night they followed Donkey and caught him stealing the fruit.

14. The animals had to wait another 7 days and 7 nights before the fruit was ready.

15. Donkey said sorry and there was a big celebration.