Busy day moving all the materials and resources into our new space and setting up a new workshop area, buy new storage boxes and install everything with Francis in school.
Had a great meeting about the visual aid resources we need to build up for the project with Anne and Mim I.T Library support. Francis retold the story using the puppets, introducing the characters and talking about how the children are going to assist in building the forest environment, and participate in a sensory world with songs and music.
It was a great opportunity for me to refresh myself with more detail regarding the Jub Jub Tree story, and for Anne and Mim to get to know the essential elements of the story to put into a 2D aided language storybook for each class.
Fromlast weeks discussions, Anne is also giving us great support in agreeing to create a visual display in the school reception area from the previous visit of the Jub Jub Tree performance, organising aided language symbols for PODD books and assisting in the development of a 3D Sensory awareness Bag Book Style version of the story.

Myself and Francis also are drawing all these visual layers and elements into designing  a pre show school resource kit, to be used with a visit by the company on future touring of the Jub Jub Tree to PMLD schools.
Had much informed discussion with Natalie, explaining the origins and theory of Conductive Education, and with Yvette, speech therapist and how to use the aided language symbols for PODD. I have alwyas been interested in how visual theatre elements and visual languages methods, can coincide and work in theatre play, so this is the perfect opportunity to look at Makaton signing etc and how theatre can be made primarily for PMLD kids.
Spent the afternoon, observing the children in Banksia class practicisng Pointililsm painting, starting to further understand how much effort goes into the most simplest of tasks and how rewarding the vital relationship between child and ea/teacher. They are amazing to watch, how they facilitate the communication and aid the childs journey.
Seeing the PODD books in action , using the symbols for the children to make choices, ask questions and communicate feelings and emotions,realising  how that at first disturbing noise  made , dissolves when you realise it is from the sheer effort to communicate,or  make a movement.


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